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Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are expanding rapidly as local governments and residents put a social priority on homeownership for lower-income families and a fiscal priority on protecting the public’s investment in affordable housing.

Asheville is in the process of forming a CLT called the Asheville-Buncombe Community Land Trust (ABCLT). Please visit their FACEBOOK page to keep up with the latest news.

If you want to learn more about Community Land Trusts, here are a few resources:

  • if you do nothing else, watch this VIDEO for a general overview of CLT’s
  • watch this VIDEO for a more in-depth explanation of how CLT’s work
  • visit the National Community Land Trust Network’s WEBSITE

Also, a few examples of other CLT’s:

  • the Durham Community Land Trust WEBSITE
  • the largest CLT is located in Burlington, VT WEBSITE


The ABCLT Mission Statement:

Our mission is the provision of quality, permanently affordable rental, homeownership, and shared equity housing opportunities and commercial enterprises, for income eligible individuals and families divested by Urban Renewal/Redevelopment programs, and members of underserved communities. We strive to prevent community gentrification through stewardship of land and community assets for present and future generations in Asheville and Buncombe County.

Vision Statement – Balancing the needs for individuals and families to access land, build wealth, and maintain security of tenure with the community’s need to maintain affordability, economic diversity, and local access to essential services.